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We Are Hiring New Nurses!

We are looking for someone with an Advanced Foot Care Certificate to join our team !

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Foot and Nail Care Anywhere…

Staying active and mobile will help keep you healthy, looking after your feet will keep you on the right path. If you cannot reach your feet or see them well enough to care for them safely, it may be time to book an appointment with a Foot Care Nurse.

Our Foot Care Nurses are trained in Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care, we can care for specific foot care problems such as corns, calluses, ingrown toe nails, thickened and hard to cut nails, cracked heels, dry thick skin, fungal nails and athletes foot. Many of our client’s book appointments every 6-9 weeks to keep their feet comfortable.

If your loved one is no longer able to care for their own feet because of poor eyesight, diseases such as poor circulation, stroke, dementia, arthritis, joint problems, foot pain or other conditions, we can help! We offer home visits for those who are not able to get out on their own, providing care in the comfort of their own home. A visit from one of our friendly foot care nurses is often the high point in the day, we include a relaxing foot rub with every visit.

To my current and future clients, for due diligence and our mutual safety I undergo testing for COVID19.

Susanne Belyea

Susanne Belyea

Susanne Belyea

Advanced Foot Care Nurse

Foot Angel 7 is a sole proprietor business founded by Susanne Belyea RPN and Certified Advanced Foot Care Nurse specializing in diabetic foot care and providing health teaching for the complicated foot.

She has been providing care for people in their homes for over 9 years. The business started out in the Belleville area and has now expanded to include the growing population from Trenton through to Ottawa.

Susanne is a nurse of 20 years experience in many facets of nursing, palliative, community nursing, primary care, hospital care and long-term care. During this time, she has had the opportunity to work closely with the growing population and brings a wealth of knowledge.